Writers Style Guide

Thank you for your interest in helping us grow. If you wish to write for Cotton On MCR, please see the below style guide for more information.

For an exhibition / artist review / articles:

  • All articles must be original and written for the use of Cotton On MCR only
  • Reviews should be written as early as possible to the exhibition launch date, giving us plenty of promotion time before the exhibition ends
  • We cover all artists and galleries that are based within the Greater Manchester region or, artists outside of that region that have an exhibition within Greater Manchester.
  • Word count between 800 – 1200
  • When referring to the artist, their full name or just their surname should be used
  • Title of the exhibition and or individual pieces should be in ‘inverted commas’
  • Individual artwork names should be exactly as the Artist has written them
  • Reviews should be written in present tense and in 1st person
  • We will add a short paragraph to introduce you as a guest blogger. Please add this information as a separate paragraph to your review: Full Name, Instagram and/or website link, a brief introduction to yourself i.e your job / your interest in arts / your studies etc
  • Numbers from one to ten should be written in words, number higher than ten should be written as numbers (11, 12, 13 etc)
  • Please send your article in a Word Document, separate to any images

If you wish to write a review and article, or something different for the website, please do get in touch via out contact page.