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Top Exhibitions and Events in Manchester

September has been such a great month for exhibitions, that we decided to compile another list of even more of the wonderful events you can see this month! Read on to see what’s in store.

Bankley Open 2021

The Bankley Open 2021 is an exhibition of 20 artists selected from the Bankley Studios annual open call, alongside open studios. This is a wonderful chance to see some work by some of Manchester’s most exciting contemporary artists, including Jen Orpin and Jason Carr, who we were lucky enough to have featured in our own ‘In Manchester’ exhibition! As described by Bankley, the exhibition and open studios is “a chance for you to see what goes on behind closed doors and enter the weird and wonderful worlds of our artists”.

‘Bankley Open 2021’ | Bankley Studios is on display from 24th September until 10th October 2021

Come See Comme Ca Exhibition #002 at The Lowry Hotel

This exhibition at the Lowry Hotel brings together three artists who use nature as their subject matter. Featuring artists Jo Manby, Emily Seville and Jacqui Symons (Slow Lane Studio), the exhibition combines painting, ceramics, printmaking and mixed media to make work inspired by nature, but all with very different outcomes. All artists find ways to connect with nature through their practice, with many of the mediums used being derived from nature, with a conscious use of sustainable materials – make sure to head to the event page below to read more about the featured artists!

‘Come See Comme Ca Exhibition #002’ | The Lowry Hotel is on display until 5th October 2021

She Appeared to Vanish at Home MCR

‘She Appeared to Vanish’ is an exhibition which showcases a variety of international artists who question historical depictions of women in photography using “strategies that disrupt, frustrate and challenge the camera’s unblinking gaze”, which is historically associated with the male gaze. The exhibition goes beyond photography, with a range of mediums such as painting, collage, sculpture and performance, asking the viewer to consider the act of viewing the female form and its historical and contemporary implications. This is a thought provoking and necessary exhibition that you do not want to miss!

‘She Appeared to Vanish’ | Home MCR is on display from 10th September until 7th November 2021

The Annotated Reader at Castlefield Gallery

This unique exhibition, originally launched in 2018, is a project involving nearly 300 artists including Marina Abramović, Sarah Lucas and Sir Antony Gormley. The project began with Ryan Gander and Jonathan P. Watts asking the question: “Imagine you’ve missed your last train – what single piece of writing would you want with you for company in the small hours? “. The result became a publication of annotated writings, with notes from artists all over the world. This is an interactive and entertaining exhibition that is well worth the visit!

‘The Annotated Reader’ | Castlefield Gallery is on display from 1st September until 3rd October 2021

Funny, Blurry & Everything Hazy by Pippa Eason at Pink MCR

This solo show by Pippa Eason, curated by Mark Devereux Projects, explores the theme of memory and how memories are often made up of “intangible, abstracted combinations of objects, relationships and moments in time”. Using a combination of life size and miniature sculpture, drawings and multi-sensory elements, Pippa has created a series of works which embrace childhood and humour, inviting the viewer to be taken back and to reflect on their own childhood memories. This exhibition is a product of Pippa’s own memories combined with 2 years of research of stories and childhood memories collected from a range of people. It has been well worth the wait – head to the link below to find out more!

‘Funny, Blurry & Everything Hazy’ | Pink MCR is on display from 18th September until 3rd October 2021

Our guest blogger is Rhianwen WIlliams: ‘Hi! I’m Rhianwen, I’m from North Wales and I’m in my final year at MMU studying BA Fine Art with Art History. My practice revolves around abstract painting, which I use as a way of exploring topics such as memory and grief. Art is something really cathartic for me, and alongside painting I also love printmaking and zine making! I was really drawn to working with Cotton on MCR for their accessible approach to the arts – this is something I’m super passionate about, and I think is really important in achieving a more diverse and inclusive art world!’ @rhianwenart

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