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New Name, New Website

If you have been with us from the start of Cotton On MCR back in 2017, you’ll know that we like a bit of a change here in the office, something that tends to happen once a year. We have had 3 logo’s and 2 different website layouts in our 4 years of trading. So why break tradition now? Hopefully this new change is the one that sticks!

So here is it! We have a new website and a business name of Cotton On Creative! But fear not! Cotton On MCR will not change! Confused right? Let me explain.

Cotton On Creative is the overall business name. You may have seen recently that we launched Cotton On Leeds – super exciting news! So with that, we have two ‘Cotton On’ cities, yet still one business owner and one headquarters. So we felt we needed an umbrella for these two cities to sit under. And who knows, we may one day extend to new cities, so all that needs to sit under one business name. So we would like to introduce Cotton On Creative!

We have a new hub website, so a house for all the cities to live, and from that you can find out About us, or head across to your preferred city, Manchester or Leeds.

Each city will continue to have their own website, so you can continue to use cottononmcr.com. But you may have noticed some changes here too. Yep! We have a new website!

As the business has grown, we finally had money to invest and get a professional to design us a new website. We hope you like the new design, where we have used more of our images, videos and made everything just look better!

We still have all your favourites on the site, from Manc of the Month on the blog, to a place where you can find out more about our workshops both public and private, to finding out about our larger events art including art fairs and exhibitions.

So yes, here is another change but no-one got anywhere without changing and growing right! We have been super lucky this year to make some money and to have the chance to expand! We are super excited for what 2022 may bring! Let’s cheers to that!

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