Top Exhibitions and Events: August

It’s been a long time since we have done a run-through of exhibitions and events, because of lockdown, most galleries have been closed and only a small handful have hosted online exhibitions. However, as galleries are opening again, some are hosting IRL exhibitions, with others hosting online ones to start. So here is a little low down of what’s on, both on and offline, here in the great arty city that is Manchester.

‘Ten OBSTRUCTIONS’ – on Instagram / Castlefield Gallery hosted by bOlder project

‘Ten Obstructions’ is an Instagram exhibition, find it using @tenobstructions. This opened on 31st July, and they are adding daily posts until the end of August. The ten chosen artists, selected by Manchester’s Castlefield Gallery, are all taking part in their ‘bOlder artist development programme‘ and this exhibition represents eight of the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester.

Each artist showing in ‘Ten Obstructions’ has selected a piece of existing work, something that they feel represents their practice as a whole. With that piece, they will then remake it, in response to two ‘obstructions’ which they have been set by the rest of the group. ‘Each set of obstructions has two elements, one relating to how the work is made and the second to the wider set of values and beliefs behind the work.’

So head on over to Instagram now to check out these old but new pieces.

‘Much Too Shy’ – Air Gallery

AIR Gallery have some great open calls, so for all you artists out there, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for them. ‘MUCH TOO SHY’! features four winners of last year’s open call, AIR Open 2019. ‘This exhibition showcases a selection of new and recent works by these award winning artists across the mediums of sculpture, painting and video.’

‘Taking it’s title from the popular 1940’s film, the exhibition showcases a new body of work that is both playful in nature whilst making poignant observations about the world around them.’

You have to book your slot if you wish to attend the closing party, 20th August, so head to their Facebook page to pick your time.

Queer Contemporaries – AIR Gallery, hosted by Short Supply

Another August exhibition hosted at AIR Gallery, ‘Queer Contemporaries’ is a showcase of LGBTQIA+ artists supported by Short Supply and Superbia, launching 27th August.

Short Supply say; ‘As an initiative established for the purpose of supporting artists, and as queer artists ourselves, we thought it was about time we curate a show that brings the importance of queer representation in contemporary art front and centre.’

This, in real life, exhibition launches August 27th and is on till September 19th, but as above, you have to book your slot to visit. Head to AIR Gallery’s website for more info.

RAW – West Art Collective

‘RAW’ is the new online exhibition hosted by West Art Collective. This is a series of artworks created by people who have gone down an alternative route to create their work, people who are ‘outside of the academic tradition of art’.

This exhibition features artists who have not studied art, not taken an art degree or been to art school. West Art Collective ‘aims to showcase artworks by those who may not consider themselves to be artists in the traditional sense. No matter where life has taken you we want to see how you express yourself.’ ‘Raw comes from the term ‘Art Brut’ which translates to ‘Raw Art’ in English.’

More images will be added to the website as the month goes on, plus, it’s free to submit your work and take part, so head to the website to find out more!

So there is your lot, a mix of real and online exhibitions for you all to see. If you have an exhibition coming up, feel free to drop us an email via our Contact page.

Featured image: Paddy – ‘Care’ – part of the ‘Ten Obstructions’ exhibition.

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