Top Art Exhibitions this June

Written by Clare Davidson

Featured Image from Manchester Art Gallery

Summer seems to finally be upon us here in Manchester, and we’ve got some great exhibitions opening up just in time. So if you’ve got the chance, why not head along to some of these great shows and support your local gallery!


Described as ‘a quilters guide to the lesbian archive’, Sarah-Joy Ford uses quilts and embroidery to re-imagine the Lesbian Archive Collection at the Women’s Library in Glasgow. After spending several years researching at these archives, Ford’s work connects both visually and emotionally with lesbian heritage whilst acknowledging the difficulties of queer archiving. This exhibition will take you through lesbian history and their stories, and looks at the intricate political landscape of the past.

‘Archives and Amazons’ | HOME will be on display from the 17th of May till the 11th of July 2021.


In partnership with Koestler Arts, the UK’s most well-known prison arts charity, HOME are presenting the exhibition ‘Soul Journey to Truth’. Displaying works from artists in prisons, secure settings and on probation in the North West, this show exhibits some of the best creative talent. Expect to see art from all mediums such as music, visual art and writings that explore the powerful stories that may not otherwise be heard as well as looking at the hopes for the future many of these artists have.

‘Soul Journey to Truth’ | HOME is on display 17th May until the 6th of June 2021.


Artist Sarah Hardacre presents to us a series of collages of the bygone city postcards whilst looking at images of past female magazine nudes. This collection of fairly mundane architectural postcard backgrounds with the provocative and cheeky female nudes creates a contrasting yet captivating series of work that is not to be missed. Some of which are available to purchase for you to keep, post, or add to as you wish at PAPER and elsewhere in the city.

‘Behind the Times’ | PAPER Gallery is available at PAPER Gallery from 22nd May until the 26th of June 2021.


Presented by Paradise Works and curated by Zoe Watson, ‘Slippages’ features the artwork of artists Sarah Blaszczok and Ana Genoves. Working with photography and sculpture, Blaszczok and Geneoves art featured in this show refers to a series of empty stages. With no object or being to focus on, the stage itself now becomes the subject allowing the viewer to fill the void space themselves creating a wide range of possibilities and narratives. Along side this exhibition, there will be a contextual essay written by Sara Jaspen.

‘Slippages’ | Paradise Works is open on Saturdays from 22nd May until the 26th of June 2021.


Lockdown was one of the hardest moments of this country’s history for so many of us, and last year Grayson Perry took it upon himself to raise the spirits of the nation and bring us together through art. You may remember his Channel 4 series last April where Perry created new pieces of art and interviewed a list of celebrities taking part. Well, this exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery is displaying artwork created for the program by celebrities, well-known artists, and the public – all celebrating creativity from their own homes. We had the chance to review this before it opened which you can read here – Grayson’s Art Club.

‘Grayson’s Art Club | Manchester Art Gallery – Due to COVID restrictions, tickets are required for this show till the 20th of June however this will still be running until the 31st of October 2021.

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