Collage Christmas Card Workshop – 20/11/21


As part of our Art All Dayer: Winter Edition, we will be running a series of workshops.

Join us for our collage workshop, where you’ll take inspiration from magazines, film and literature to create textured and layered collages. Collage is a medium which is great for creating interesting and unusual compositions, which often form their own meanings. This is the perfect way to push your creativity beyond it’s limits and make something really unique! As the event is nearing Christmas, this workshop is also a great opportunity to get crafty and perhaps make a gift or card for someone. We will provide some Christmas imagery so you perhaps make a personalised collage Christmas card for your loved one – the possibilities are endless.

Hosted by University of Salford Fine Art graduate, Lydia Swinney. Since graduating in 2018, Lydia has been working with collage and print to deconstruct and reconstruct thought and meaning in contemporary culture, taking inspiration from a number of sources such as magazines, film, literature and political theory. Lydia joined the ArtLab print making membership at The University of Central Lancashire (Uclan) to develop her print techniques in preparation for beginning a masters degree in fine art at Sheffield Hallam University this year.
Taking place at: Hallé St Peter’s
2 x 1 hour class times available
Available for adults aged 16+.

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