Manc of the Month: Eamonn Murphy

It’s that time of the month again where we feature our next Manc of the Month. This month it’s Eamonn Murphy, a digital artist who promotes his work using the name Exvista. His art focuses on the architecture of Manchester and Stockport. We first bumped into Eamonn back in October at the ‘Buy Art Fair’ at Manchester Central, and we were instantly impressed by the originality of his work, and his use of colour and shapes which portray Manchester’s unique and most iconic buildings. We chatted with Eamonn about the fair and what his plans are for 2018.

Eamonn Murphy: “This was a great event, well-promoted, well-organised and held in a fabulous location. I was delighted by the number of people who purchased my exhibition pieces over the weekend. I really value being able to connect with people who share my interests and appreciate my work. I also made contact with a number of businesses interested in commissioning work, and retailers wishing to stock my work. I will definitely be exhibiting at Buy Art Fair, Manchester again in 2018.”

Eamonn uses mainly Abode Illustrator to create his work, but says he constantly seeks to make effective use of new technologies.
EM: “I produce a great deal of work in vector format, which has the advantage of infinite scalability without loss of quality, and enables me to reuse digital assets in different forms. For example, I create digital vector works specifically for application to brushed aluminium, allowing me to deliberately expose the brushed aluminium surface to create highlights in the artwork. The brushed aluminium surface also enhances subtle gradients in the artwork, giving a greater feeling of depth and form, adding an overall sheen to the work and intensifying darker tones.”
You can see this within Eamonn’s Iconic Buildings series, where recognisable buildings – such as the Beetham Tower and One Angel Square in Manchester, are reduced to an almost abstract form, focusing on the geometric shapes and lines.

Speaking of Manchester’s buildings, we asked Eamonn what his favourite building in Manchester is?

EM: “That’s a tough one. I have many favourites for different reasons. The former Daily Express building on Great Ancoats Street is definitely one of them.”

CO: And your least favourite?

EM: “Equally tough! Many of the bland apartment blocks going up around the city seem to lack creative input.”

Amen to that!

We do ask some tough questions here at Cotton On MCR, including who is Eamonn’s favourite artist?

EM: “As with my favourite building, this is impossible to answer – I like many artists for different reasons. I particularly admire what Andy Warhol did to shake up the art world.”

CO: What other artists would you recommend we check out? 
EM: “Gary Andrew Clarke, Stephen Millership, Sue Scott, Kate O’Brien, Julian Bovis, Lucy Burgess, to name but a few.”
In the new year Eamonn plans to ‘explore the idea of digitally-owned art, and the use of Blockchain technology’ which is something I’ve never heard of before, so it will be really interesting to see how that will develop his work.

EM: “I am [also] planning to host a ‘meet the artist’ event at Porter and Cole in the Northern Quarter in the new year. In January I will also be working on a collaboration with Manchester Central to create a series of artworks celebrating this outstanding venue in particular, and other notable buildings in the city centre. These vector images will be created specifically for printing to brushed aluminium. I will be adding to my Manchester Iconic Buildings collection, drawing on the wealth of great architecture in the city.”

Eamonn is a busy man as his project’s don’t stop there, here her shares his excitement for Manchester based series;

EM: “I have been asked by two Manchester Community Rail Partnerships to create artworks for 30 stations throughout South East Manchester and Cheshire. I will be creating at least 2 images for each station, 1 representing a building, structure or other location that is readily identifiable, and 1 representing local history or a point of interest. The work will be produced in a contemporary style, reminiscent of the classic railway posters of the 1920s and 1930s and will evoke an era when train travel was still an adventure, sparking a renewed interest in the area’s railways and the communities they serve.”

And to end with our signature question, we asked Eamonn if he could live in any painting/artwork, which would it be?

EM: “M.C. Escher’s Relativity – defying gravity.”

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