Going Back to Being Cotton On MCR

Hi everyone, so this is kind of news, but maybe not really, as to you nothing much will change… Let me explain…

So, last year we decided to launch Cotton On Leeds, and with that we needed a company umbrella name to encompass everything that we do, so we launched Cotton On Creative.

We launched Leeds in the hope that what we do here in Manchester could be replicated and we could do the same for Leeds art scene, as in promote their local art scene and do our workshops, exhibitions and fairs there too.

My plan was to split my time between the two cities, but sadly, I was not able to do so. Things here in Manchester have really bloomed this year, and I found that we had big events every month. I struggled to find the time to head over to Leeds, and without being there, I couldn’t meet the people, I couldn’t network, I couldn’t go to exhibition launches and I couldn’t spread the word of Cotton On Leeds.

As Manchester has grown and grown, and I’ve realised how important it is for me to be in the city, we have made the decision to close Cotton On Leeds. We have no plans to launch in another city, and instead will continue to focus on Manchester and the amazing art scene and events that we do here.

Because of this, we will also be closing the Cotton On Creative name, and going back to being Cotton On MCR – where our heart is!

Nothing really will change for you Manchester folk, the website will stay the same, our social channels will stay the same, our events will stay the same, the only difference is that my email address will change back to cottononmcr.com, and I have to order new business cards!

We have made lots of changes since launching Cotton On MCR back in 2017, and it’s all been from lessons learnt. I have always been honest and said how I never started this as a business, and so never had a business plan, never had an idea of how it would grow and how it would make money. So every year I learn new things, and think about what has worked and what hasn’t. I have to adapt and change and grow as the business does.

Although I am sad to be closing Leeds and disappointed that I couldn’t make it into what I wanted, I am still proud of myself for trying and giving it a go. I am also super pleased with how Manchester is growing! I can’t believe how busy 2022 has been, and I am so thankful that you are still supporting us, following us, booking with us and coming to our events. When I look back at the year I am super proud of what we have done, and I couldn’t do half of what I do without the help of my team, without you artists wanting to work with us, and without you fans supporting us. So thank you, honestly thank you!

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