Exhibitions and Events in August

This Summer has already been jam packed with some of the best art events that Manchester has to offer. But August is right around the corner with even more fantastic and unique exhibitions for you to get involved in; and with restrictions lifted, it’ll begin to feel like old times! Read on to find out what’s coming your way this August.

Air Gallery Open 2021

The Air Gallery are putting together their brand new exhibition featuring the best of both local and international artists. This exhibition will be focusing on displaying the wide range of what contemporary art is in today’s world. They didn’t get a chance to host this last year (for obvious reasons) so they are super excited to get this going again. There was no theme to the open, anyone from anywhere and any arts background could apply, so expect an exhibition full of a variety of amazing and unique work.

Air Gallery’s Open 2021 will be opening on 13th August until 25th September.

‘The ‘Unseen’ Community’ at the People’s History Museum

Put together by Proud 2 b Parents and artist Allie Crewe, this exhibition explores what it means to be LGBT+ parents and carers. Through photography, Allie Crewe examines the darker and more difficult side to parenting, and the struggles that often go hand in hand with navigating this heteronormative space. This exhibition looks at real stories by real LGBT+ families and aims to show how the similarities between families of all types, all whilst raising awareness and understanding.

‘The ‘Unseen’ Community | The People’s History Museum is on display from 24th July until 1st September.

‘How to put an Exhibition together for £99’ at 18-22 Lloyd St

This is pretty impressive! Artist Danny Jacobs simply says ‘My last exhibition was expensive so I did another one with a £99 budget’. In a series of Instagram posts he explains how he managed this, explaining how he managed to get a venue, afford materials, and so on. This one is worth a visit just to speak to the artist and hear more about his story! Plus we love the fact it’s an exhibition about an exhibition.

‘How to put on an Exhibition for £99’ is on display at 18-22 Lloyd St for one night only, 2nd August

‘NHS’ at Paradise Works

This exhibition by Paradise Works is all about celebrating the NHS and what it provides in our society. Originally planned for 2020 pre-pandemic, this exhibition is even more relevant to today than it ever could have been before. Over the last 18 months the love and appreciation for NHS workers has only risen, and this show exemplifies why we should all be grateful for each individual in our healthcare system.

Curated by the Division of Labour and Kieran Leach, this exhibition will feature the works of a range of artists all inspired by the NHS and the truism by Stuart Hall; “The NHS is one of the most humanitarian acts that has ever been undertaken in Peace Time.” 

‘NHS’ | Paradise Works opens 24th July until 4th September.

Cotton On MCR: Art All Dayer at Halle St Peters

It is officially less than one month until our biggest event ever, the Art All Dayer! We’re sure you’ll have heard about this exciting event from us before, but if you haven’t or if you need a reminder on what’s going to be taking place wait no further! (Cheap plug, plugging our own event, but hey, it’s our website!)

After our first successful art fair we couldn’t wait to put together another, but this time we wanted it to be bigger and better than before. Featuring over 60 tables of talented, local artists, you’ll be able to explore the best of Manchester’s creatives from print makers to macramé and everything in between. Not to mention we’ll also have a pop up exhibition from Manchester’s Carlos Ferg – winner of our ‘In Manchester’ exhibition earlier this year, and Introduction to Marbling and Acrylics workshops for you get involved in too. You can book on to those workshops now, or turn up on the day and see what’s available.

Art All Dayer | Cotton On MCR will take place on Saturday 14th August at Halle St Peters, 11am till 6pm.

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