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Exhibition: 'Utopias' at Whitworth Art Gallery

Utopia is, at its essence, about creating a perfect world, yet in this way, it is always in opposition with the present.

In his seminal book Utopia (1516), Thomas More gave name and form to an idea that captured the human imagination - that of aspiring to an ideal future, an improved world, a better society. This exhibition will bring together historic and modern and contemporary works to examine how utopian strategies have been imagined, represented and tested in the Whitworth Collection.

Exhibition dates: 31 January – 27 September 2020

Open till 9pm on Thursdays

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  • 25/01/2020 11:00 - 25/01/2020 17:00

    Solo Exhibition: 'The Undersides of Leaves' by Richard Meaghan at PAPER Gallery

    For his solo exhibition at PAPER, Richard Meaghan presents a new series of works on paper. The Underside of Leaves refers to a comment made to Renoir in a fictional novel about his masterpiece, Luncheon of the Boating Party. The comment is associated with Renoir’s appetite for sex and alludes to a sexual encounter in a forest and a post-coital look up at the ‘Undersides of Leaves’.

    Exhibition Date: 18th Jan - 22nd Feb 2020

  • 25/01/2020 11:00 - 25/01/2020 17:00

    Exhibition: 'Traces of Reality' at PS Mirabel

    Our first exhibition of 2020 is a group show featuring the work of Alan Begg, Emma Bennett, Kevin John Pocock, Aaron Rawcliffe and James Roper. The works selected for the show explore different forms of abstraction where shape, form and colour is used to convey different layers of meaning and emotion.

    Exhibition dates: 16th Jan - 22nd Feb

  • 25/01/2020 11:00 - 25/01/2020 15:00

    Exhibition: 'Talking Sense: The changing vocabulary of mind and brain' at The Portico Library

    Fifty artists. Fifty minds. Fifty artworks in paint, film, sculpture and print.

    The vocabulary we use to describe mental and emotional experience is changing. With attitudes shifting towards compassion in policy and treatment, terms such as wellbeing, recovery and mental health are being re-examined, and their connotations questioned. Words like neurodiversity have emerged to describe the world of mind and brain/thought and feeling in a less stigmatising way – but studying the neurological is just one part of developing our understanding. Societies are responsible for distress and disability, and our behaviours between each other shape our lives.

    The standard guide for most psychologists, psychiatrists and services remains the ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ – first published in 1952. In the exhibition ‘Talking Sense’, fifty artworks, are paired with fifty phrases created by jumbling the contents of this textbook’s most recent edition, whose terminology and methodology have been criticised by professionals and survivors of harmful treatments. By reorganising this language and juxtaposing it with eclectic artworks we hope to open up a space for helpful conversations around the future of care.

    Exhibition dates: -

    Closes 16:30 Mondays and Fridays

  • 27/01/2020 10:00 - 01/02/2020 17:00

    SOLO EXHIBITION: 'OUR PLASTIC OCEAN' by mandy barker at waterside arts

    Our Plastic Ocean, by international award-winning photographer Mandy Barker, addresses the current global crisis of marine plastic pollution.  Barker collects debris from shorelines across the world and transforms them into powerful and captivating images. The exhibition, which is traveling from Impressions Gallery where it was conceived, is the first major touring retrospective of her work.

    Waterside Arts will be hosting an artist's talk on February 20th.

    Exhibition Date: 10th Jan – Sat 7th Mar 2020

  • 27/01/2020 11:00 - 01/02/2020 15:00

    Group Exhibition: 'Love is a Rebellious Bird' at The Fire Within

    On November the 2nd across 4 installation spaces curator’s AL and AL bring together artists from across the region to re-open the heart of Wigan town centres ground breaking new public space for culture to make actions, statements, protests and dream up a new world we can all share and fall in love with. In this extraordinary radical moment of rapid change and perpetual protest, Love is a Rebellious Bird celebrates and ignites The Fire Within everyone of us.

    Love is a Rebellious Bird captures the desire to act with truth, to make the world a better place. Love is a Rebellious Bird concludes with Interstellar Stella, a film by AL and AL created in Standish about their eight and half year old niece and her Grandmother. Every generation passes on the world they have helped to shape and create, we live inside and emerge from our ancestor’s dreams. We have to discern what dreams may come, and what dreams we must rebel from.

    Exhibition dates: 2nd November - 29th February