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07/01/2019 10:00 - 12/01/2019 17:00
Waterside Arts
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James Roper: Metanoia

A solo exhibition by Manchester based artist James Roper brings together the artists most recent painting, drawing and digital art into the gallery space at Waterside.

Meaning ‘to change one’s mind’ Metanoia describes the state the artist intends to invoke in the viewer, a visual form of limbo where the perceptual shift between abstraction and figurative art is in constant flux.

During the exhibition there will be 3 workshops that will give audiences an opportunity to discover more about the artists’ process and personally delve into practices that inform Roper’s artistic vision.

Related upcoming events

  • 19/01/2019 11:00 - 19/01/2019 17:00

    Megan Powell: Get Stabbed and Boogie

    For her solo exhibition at PAPER, photographer, Megan Powell, presents an ongoing body of work that presents a narrative of survival following an attempted murder.

    In Get Stabbed and Boogie, the viewer learns that the masked figure within the photographs is in reality, the artist. She is depicted inebriated and dancing in a state of rapture, having undergone reconstructive surgery to her face following a recent stabbing. She is bloody and bandaged, captured and processed through her own lens. These photographic images mark the artist’s singular recovery, transforming a moment of violence into artifice and decoration.

  • 19/01/2019 11:00 - 19/01/2019 17:00

    ‘Elevation. Underground’ is a show that explores modes of elevation, in an underground gallery space. The show features sculptural works by Bethany Costerd and Paintings by Zac Bradley.

    ‘Elevation’ has as many physical connotations as it does spiritual, where one can climb, they can also ascend. This dualism reflects tensions between sculpture and painting, sculpture as the physical totem, and painted image, the dream. The works presented are displaced in time. While the sculptural works hint at an early desire to create physical height by building, the painted work attempts to depict future spaces that deal with the construction of a future home.
    Underground locations provide a sense of gravity from above, a slight pressing sensation that alludes to higher levels, echoing the flawed rationality of dream space and childhood flights of fancy.

  • 19/01/2019 11:00 - 19/01/2019 18:00

    Group exhibition: What Are you doing in there? at PS Mirabel

    Our first exhibition of 2019 is a group show of Mirabel artists, featuring work by Paul Cordwell, Vanessa Donnelly, Jack Doyle, Oliver East, Geof Hadfield, Ovie Ist Kings Iruru, Christine Lawley, Erin Sevink-Johnson, James Ventre, Richard Ward and Olga Woszczyna. If you've ever wondered what these artists are up to now's your chance to find out!

    Preview 11th Jan then open every Saturday until 9th February.

  • 19/01/2019 11:00 - 19/01/2019 17:00

    Jack Brown: Found Note Silk Hanky

    For his solo show at Paper, Manchester based artist, Jack Brown presents an exhibition of new works on silk. As one of the many threads of his practice, for the last 20 years, Jack has been collecting the notes, shopping lists, and reminders people have lost, left behind, or thrown away. Found on the floor of pubs, on trains, and in shopping trolleys, these pieces of paper hold snippets of people’s lives: lists made out before a trip to the shops, directions to a pub for a friend, someone’s work shifts, a post it reminder, scores from a game, or a note under a windscreen wiper.

  • 21/01/2019 09:00 - 26/01/2019 20:00

    There is a Light That Never Goes Out: A photographic celebration of Manchester’s rock-music history proudly presents a unique exhibition by the UK’s leading music photographers to honour Manchester’s music heritage. From the rise of punk, Factory Records, The Hacienda, the Madchester years and beyond, this exhibition is a retrospective of Manchester’s huge influence and continuing importance on the rock music scene.

    Friday and Saturday: Closes at 5pm