Chapel Wharf Artist Statements

Adriana Streit aka St8 of Art

I’ve been painting for almost as long as I can remember. Art has always been part of my life. I paint, and draw, for as long as I can in a 24 hour stretch. I’m amazed by how much colour influences our daily lives. The way we feel, and our wellness. I work in deep, rich, juicy colours, in a modern style. My paintings are sharp, bright, and are steeped in meaning. I studied Fine Art/major at Columbia College in Chicago Illinois, US. That goes back to the other side of the millennium, more than twenty years ago. It’s a time when I was subtly inspired by American contemporary culture. I moved to Manchester about 7 years ago where I’ve opened a St8 Of Art studio. Where I happily created amazing art until present !

Amber Yearsley

I am a third-year student from Bolton and currently studying Textiles in Practice at Manchester School of Art. My work mainly focuses on the soft natural palette of nature by combining organic shapes and adopting a rustic aesthetic. My love of the outdoors is motivated by the serenity it offers, through indulgence in nature we can find peace. Print and embroidery are the primary elements in each of my mixed-media pieces. These medias combined enable experimentation within layers and add depth and dimension to the artwork. Sustainability is a major topic in my practice. This is emphasised by using leftover fabric and natural dyes whenever possible, which further links my work to the natural world from which it draws its inspiration

Betts Corrigan

Movement is a major influence on my work. As both an artist and dancer, I feel a deep connection to the expressive nature of the human body. There is a grace and beauty to movement that continually inspires my work; the fluidity of lines and the interplay of shapes offer a palette of their own, which this work seeks to capture in some way.


Encaustic and Pyrography Artist Based In Manchester.

Emma Jackson

Emma is a multi-media artist and illustrator. The ethereal experience of an audience when viewing performance arts inspires Emma’s research, with a focus on dramatisation of the mundane. Absence, loss and memory are recurring themes during investigations into the transmogrification of the everyday to the theatrical.

Jasmin Issaka

I am a psychedelic style digital illustrator, who enjoys recreating everyday sceneries, people and places into vivid, colourful and pattern rich interpretations. Creating a different, playful and joyful perspective into subjects and sceneries we’re already very familiar with. Perhaps even provide a fresh and fun perspective.

Judy Turner

My inspiration comes from the landscape I see on my local walks and wider travels and also the natural forms of plants, particularly fruit and vegetables. When painting landscape I try to evoke the feel of the place, the season or time of day. Although my pictures are usually representational, I try to keep my work painterly and suggest as much as depict. Late afternoon and sunset are favourite times particularly since colour and the relationships between colours excite me. Often a painting will be based around complementary colours, and I try to use a limited range of colours within a painting to achieve harmony. Although I also work in acrylic, increasingly I have been using soft pastels, I enjoy their immediacy and tactile nature, the way I can layer the colours, and their mark-making abilities.

‘Water’s Edge’ shows a view over Elton reservoir. Cool colours, a limited palette and strong values depict the fading light at the end of a winter’s day.

Lizzie Randall

I’m a self-taught artist and have been living in Manchester for about 10 years. My main loves are acrylic and oil painting, but I’ll give any medium a go and love trying new things! I got into still life more during lockdown, painting anything in my flat or the flat itself. Bright and bold colours are my thing, which is why I get on with acrylic so well.

Nehal Aamir

Born in Pakistan and now living in Manchester, Nehal’s work represents her multicultural background and experiences as a Muslim Women. With a fascination with craft and its traditional techniques, her work is a fusion of her roots with an attraction for rich British culture through colour and hand-painted surfaces. Nehal has always been interested in storytelling which she showcases through tiles, a medium that has been used throughout history. Her work illustrates the rituals and realities of contemporary urban life.

Olga Gerke

Manchester based artist, Olga Gerke is interested in bright modern watercolours by international standards. She took part in exhibitions in France, Malaysia, Nepal, Italy. She teaches adults in her studio in Wellington Studios.

Roksana Rzetelska aka Rolling Moon

My dreams are vivid pictures and emotions that come involuntarily during sleep, they can make me melancholic or relaxed and happy but simultaneously always leaves me with a blurred vision of something that gives me a space for the imagination, with a feeling of an untold story from an alternate reality, with an echo of my, but not my emotions. I think of my art as paused moments in our life, moments that would naturally evolve into something else but I decided to freeze them in time and keep them for a little bit longer. Through symbols and dream-like situations, I want to show the elusiveness of time, I want to inspire others to appreciate the here and now because everything occurs once.

Sandra Robinson

Visual Maps, visual memory, walking, travel, mapping, landscapes of the mind. When I walk I think about life experiences, places I have been whilst absorbing the landscape I am walking through. My paintings are not traditional landscapes, they are are about being in the land and what I am thinking and feeling as I walk, I like to call them headscapes. Process The paintings begin with a linear drawn element using paint , pencil and charcoal. Followed by layering of paint trying not to think too much, losing myself in the process of painting a conversation develops between artist and canvas. As the painting progresses more control and precise decisions are made while still trying to maintain an element of expressive mark making and intuition.

Sheila Blair

I enjoy making diverse images in diverse media for diverse people.

Sven Christian Morris

I am a Artist specialising in ICM Photography (Intentional Camera Movement). I create abstract expressions, of places and environments which communicate an obscure familiarity, where sensory recollection overrides detail. Using an Apple iPhone, I paint with my camera, to create rich, deep, expansive textural imagery. I like the immediacy it gives me. The very essence of Intentional Movement means I physically move the camera into my subject matter, to convey an ethereal transmission of light, colour and movement. I want to express an element of cathartic intrigue and mystery, about a place to trigger a response. The weather is my barometer for the constant visual change it brings to my environment. I want to immerse myself in a moment, to capture an energy and create a mood, an atmosphere, a dazzling, haunting beauty. Ultimately, my image becomes an ambiguous capture of how we may remember a moment in time and how our connection to place goes beyond detail.

Vic Wright

Cast Editions is latest series of sculptures by Vic Wright. The shapes interact and connect with each other making adaptable collections. All the pieces in the whole series can be displayed and stacked in a variety of different ways. Making it fun to find your own personalised sculptural display.

Victoria Ashworth Collins

Victoria Ashworth Collins is an artist from Cheshire who works in oils, acrylic and watercolour. Her work presents her fascination with water, capturing a feeling of isolation and tranquillity of locations which have been stumbled upon on her travels. Through her love for running and exploring her surroundings, she discovers new paths and places that she would perhaps never have found otherwise. This inspires and uncovers her focus on the beautiful scenery which is evidenced in her paintings. Her paintings capture local scenes of Cheshire and Greater Manchester but also further afield, including New York and Venice.