Be a Workshop Tutor

We are always looking for new tutors to add to our list, so that we can continue to offer our clients new and exciting workshops.

We love working with a variety of artists from a variety of backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you have never done a workshop before, we can help guide you and help create a workshop plan. What matters to use is that you are skilled in your craft, that you are approachable, outgoing, and happy to speak to groups of people.

As we are all about supporting local artists and the Manchester art scene, we make sure that our artists are paid fairly and we ask you to set your prices. Meaning you get paid what you ask for!

We also work around your schedule, so if you can’t do certain days, that is fine, we will try and find an alternative!

So if you are based in Greater Manchester and are skilled in a particular craft(s) or have workshop ideas you’d like to explore, then let us know!

Note – we don’t have our own venue so you must be able to take your workshop to different locations.

Follow the link and fill in the form and tell us about you and your workshop ideas. We will go from there!

Let’s hear from you

So if you fancy hosting a private workshop, maybe for residents in an apartment building, or a charity group, or a care home, an office event – anything! Or if you have a workshop idea that isn’t listed, let us know! Drop us a message to enquiry today.

Get in touch to find out more and discuss workshop options.

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