Art All Dayer:

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I apply for a table at the Art Fair?

Yes, as long as you are living and/or working in the Greater Manchester area and can provide a Greater Manchester address, anyone can apply.

How much are the tables?

£45 for a small table (4ft x 2ft / 122cm x 76cm) and £55 for a large table (6ft x 2ft / 186cm x 76cm)

How do I apply?

You can apply via the link on the Art All Dayer page – please check when the deadline is. It is free to apply and you only pay for the table if successful.

What if I miss the deadline?

Do still get in touch as we have a waiting list of artists should anyone need to pull out. Send us a message via our Contact page.

It says I need artist insurance on the application – why is this?

You need this to cover your artwork/the things you are selling. This type of insurance should cover you from theft, flood, fire etc. Public Liability insurance is accepted but this does not always cover the value of your work.

What are you looking for in the application ?

We are looking for something new, different, and high quality. We are looking for a wide range of arts and crafts from paintings and prints, to drawings, collage, photography, jewellery, ceramics, textile pieces etc.

What to bring to sell?

Variety is best. The more work you can bring, the better really. There is a huge mix of people coming to our events, with a mix of tastes, mix of views etc. Also, if you can, maybe a mix of sizes of prints?

What forms of payment?

Cash should be obvious but now so should card payment. I use SumUp, but there is also Zettle which is affordable. These cost around £20-£30 to purchase and they take around 1.7% from each transaction. They are simple to use as you download an app on your phone that you run the transaction through.

You can also use Paypal and Bitcoins if you want.

How to decorate your table?

I’d suggest bringing a nice table cloth – ironed. Maybe a heavy one to hold the weight down. To display your work, I’ve seen browsers, table easels, up turned boxes and crates, even seen drying racks! Think levels and layers. Prices on display is also important, make sure people can see these clearly. Maybe have some business cards/ something to take away, or a newsletter sign up sheet with you too. Also think about how you will package your items when sold, will this be in a sleeves /envelopes/bags to take away? What can you bring to stand out?

Can I bring any additional items?

Additional items such as browsers, easels etc will need to be placed in an area off the main walk through. The aisles are measured to meet health and safety requirements and anything in the aisle is a health and safety hazard. You can bring items as long as they fit on the side of your table. If on the day, we find that the item is too big/is encroaching the aisle, we will ask you to remove this and you will have to store this under your table or back to your car (if applicable). There is no storage space in the building where we can store this for you.

Can I bring food and drink?

You can bring food for personal consumption. You are not permitted to bring any food or drink to offer/sell to the attendees at the event. Please note, there is also a cafe on site.

I have more questions….

If your questions haven’t been answered, and you are an artist selling at the event, please do check your Event Pack that has been sent to you. If you still have further questions, feel free to send us a message via our Contact page or send us an email!