Art All Dayer: FAQ

We’ve put together some of the answers for your most asked questions about our Art All Dayer events so that you’re ready and prepared for the big day!

How do I apply?

Applications are open to all Greater Manchester based artists. You have to live and/or work within the boundaries of Greater Manchester. If you are outside of this boundary, your submission will not be accepted. You can submit via our website, a deadline does apply.

What’s included in the price for artists at the event?

The deposit and price you pay is to confirm your attendance at the event as well as the hire of your table and a chair. Should you need another chair there will be an additional charge, however please note we will not be hiring more than two chairs per table.

How big are the tables?

The table size depends on whether you booked a small or large table. Large tables are 6ft (183cm x 76cm) and the Small tables are 4ft (122cm x 76cm).
You can store items underneath your table. We advise bringing a table cloth or something similar to decorate the table and hide any storage underneath.

Can I make a request for my table?

We can not guarantee any tables spaces as this depends on what size tables are confirmed, how many tables are confirmed and what type of artwork is being sold. You can make a request and we will do our best to accommodate that, but with no guarantee. This includes bringing any additional items such as browsers, racks, boards etc.

Can I hang my artworks etc on the walls?

No, we are not permitted to have anything hanging on the venue walls. If you would like to have some of your works hanging on display for the art fair we’d suggest you bring in some form of board or stand to have on your table with your works attached. There may be the chance to lean work against the wall, but this depends on the layout of the tables on the day and whether you are allocated a table that backs on to a wall.

What payment methods can I use and what advice would you give for card readers?

If you’re selling your works at our event you are free to choose whatever payment methods you wish to accept at your table, be it cash, card, PayPal or even bitcoins.

We strongly advise that you have the option to pay card. We recommend SumUp or Zettle card readters as they are both reasonably priced and reliable options for you.

Where to get things printed?

We do not get much printed here for Cotton On MCR but when we do, we go to We know of other businesses that use this website too.

Do I need artists insurance?

We do have to highly advise that you get artist insurance, here are a couple of places that offer it: Axisweb and a-n

I’ve missed the deadline, are there any tables still available?

We will be offering all our tables to those that applied within the deadline. However, we sometimes have a reserve list should any artists pull out of the event. You do still need to apply to be added to this lilst. If you wish to contact us outside of the deadline for a table, please send us a message via our Contact page, including a ink to your website and/or Instagram page.

If you have any other questions or queries get in touch with us at

We can’t wait to see you on the big day!