Our mission is to provide Greater Manchester with a huge variety of new, engaging and exciting art events. We bring you a great mix of art workshops, exhibitions, art fairs and more.

Here at Cotton On MCR, we have you a huge list of amazing arts and crafts workshops, from painting to printing, sewing to sculpture and more! Our exhibitions focus on the talented and diverse artists we have here in Greater Manchester. Plus, we host multiple and combined events which join art fairs, workshops and exhibitions together into one, all day event! We aim to brighten up Manchester’s art scene and lead the way in creating some amazing art events for all. We aim to show that art can be for everyone, and made by anyone!

Cotton On MCR launched in 2017 and started off as a blog. I wanted to be more involved with Manchester’s art scene and get others involved too. Things grew from there. The business spent two years aiming to be a one-stop-shop for everything that was art in Manchester… that was a big ask! After many trials and errors in different directions, plus a huge break from work due to the events of Covid-19, I had a chance to re-evaluate the business. This led to the re-launch of Cotton On MCR in the 3rd year, and the new Cotton On MCR you are seeing today!

We have however, made sure we have kept the elements you have come to know and love about Cotton On MCR. Not only are we hosting events, but we also tell you what else is going on in this great county! Follow our social media platforms and blog for a range of exhibition reviews, artists shout out and interviews, what’s on guides and more!

We are passionate about art and Manchester and want you to get involved and get passionate too!

About the Team: 

Domino – The Owner 

Hey! My name is Domino (not Dominique, or Domina or Dominic). I have always had a passion for art and I studied Fine Art at University of Lincoln. I love Manchester and Art and combined the two to create Cotton On MCR. Outside of work I love to travel, and spent 6 months in Asia (with a stop in New Zealand) for a long, extended honeymoon. I also love to bake, I love Disney and I’m currently pregnant with my first child!

Eve – Executive Assistant  

Hiya! I’m Eve, a second-year student at MMU studying Illustration with Animation. I create line-drawings, 2D and 3D animations, and cartoons that emotionally respond to whatever is happening in life on both a global and personal level. I’m interested in creating art that brings awareness to mental well-being, environmental and societal issues. I wanted to get involved with Cotton On MCR so that I could be part of an organisation within Manchester that strongly supports the local art scene and benefits the community through creative practises.  


Lois – Social Media and Marketing Coordinator 

Hey there! I’m Lois, a fashion design grad and former MA Fashion Art Direction student. My recent work explores themes surrounding what it means to be Women, taking references from philosophy, literature and surrealist art. I’m hoping to work in creative digital marketing and eventually film (the biggest love of my life). Manchester is my second home and I was really enthusiastic to get involved any way I could to help the local art scene!


Clare – Executive Assistant  

Since moving down to Manchester from Scotland for uni I’ve been in love with the ever changing art scene here in the city. I’m currently studying for my BA in Art History and Curation at MMU and plan to continue with lots of post grad work after (if everything goes well)! I have a keen interest in art surrounding women no matter the time period. I also love taking part in different art events and socials so hopefully I’ll be a great fit for Cotton On MCR!


Rhianwen – Executive Assistant 

Hi! I’m Rhianwen, I’m from North Wales and I’m in my final year at MMU studying BA Fine Art with Art History. My practice revolves around abstract painting, which I use as a way of exploring topics such as memory and grief. Art is something really cathartic for me, and alongside painting I also love printmaking and zine making! I was really drawn to working with Cotton on MCR for their accessible approach to the arts – this is something I’m super passionate about, and I think is really important in achieving a more diverse and inclusive art world! 


Lara Pomery- Workshop Assistant

I’ve had a love for all things art & craft from an early age – indeed some of my earliest memories involve my childhood self, meticulously spending hours producing (what I thought to be) masterpieces! That love of making has never disappeared, now it includes sewing, papercrafts, dressmaking, illustration… and any other forms of making I get to try my hand at! I followed that love of making through to University level where I studied Fashion Design and I am currently studying for my PGCE – In the hope of inspiring the next generation of creatives! I am over the moon to be joining the Cotton On MCR team as a workshop assistant and cannot wait to support the artists in delivering fabulous events!

Company Values: 

Company value 1 – a commitment to being open and welcoming to all, to embrace diversity, offering the best customer service to everyone. 

Company value 2 – to show passion and positivity about the work we do, and how we do it. 

Company value 3 – we aim to increase our recycling and reuse efforts through waste minimisation. 

Company value 4 – to work hard and play hard.