Cotton On Manchester will keep you up-to-date with Manchester’s ever-changing art and creative scene.

Here you’ll find current and future exhibitions, creative events and more! We’ll keep an eye on who to follow, and feature emerging artists, photographers, makers and creators. You’ll find out what’s on and where, as well as read exhibition reviews and interviews.

The best bit is, it’s all in one place. Every month you’ll know what exhibitions are on and where to find them. No more signing up to each gallery’s mailing list and no more checking countless websites. It’s all here! We’ll feature everything whether it’s on at the big galleries or the small independent venues.

We’re passionate about Manchester and its visual culture, and if you are too, then get involved.

About me – The Founder and Writer of Cotton On MCR

Hey. My name is Domino, hello. It’s not Dominic, or Dominique, or even Dominio or Domina. I wasn’t named after the pizza restaurant either. I was actually named after a character in a James Bond film, Thunderball. A film which I still haven’t actually seen.

I studied Fine Art at University of Lincoln but never did anything with that! After getting married I went travelling for 6 months for our honeymoon, we travelled around South East Asia with a stop in Japan and New Zealand too. After writing a travel blog whilst on the road, that abruptly ended when our money ran out and our travel ended, I came home to the beautiful city that is Manchester and created a new blog – Cotton On MCR. I was sick of going on each gallery’s website to find out what was on and when, I wanted it all to be in one place, and the idea grew from there!

Here is me in Manila, Philippines, in front of the biggest street art painting I have ever seen!

ATicketTo-St Art. I