Our mission is to provide Greater Manchester with a huge variety of new, engaging and exciting art events. We bring you a great mix of art workshops, exhibitions, art fairs and more.

Here at Cotton On MCR, we have you a huge list of amazing arts and crafts events, from workshops, exhibitions, art fairs and more! Our exhibitions focus on the talented and diverse artists we have here in Greater Manchester. Our workshops aim to get people involved in art, showing you don’t have to create a masterpiece to have fun and enjoy being creative. Our art fairs show off the diverse talent that Manchester has, and we make sure they are affordable with the majority of work being under £50. Plus, we host multiple and combined events which join art fairs, workshops and exhibitions together into one, all day event! We aim to brighten up Manchester’s art scene and lead the way in creating some amazing art events for all. We aim to show that art can be for everyone, and made by anyone!

Cotton On MCR launched in 2017 and started off as a blog. I wanted to be more involved with Manchester’s art scene and get others involved too. Things grew from there. The business spent two years aiming to be a one-stop-shop for everything that was art in Manchester… that was a big ask! After many trials and errors in different directions, plus a huge break from work due to the events of Covid-19, I had a chance to re-evaluate the business. This led to the re-launch of Cotton On MCR in the third year, and the Cotton On MCR you are seeing today!

We have however, made sure we have kept the elements you have come to know and love about Cotton On MCR. Not only are we hosting events, but we also tell you what else is going on in this great county! Follow our social media platforms and blog for a range of exhibition reviews, artists shout out and interviews, what’s on guides and more!

We are passionate about art and Manchester and want you to get involved and get passionate too!

Values that we hold dear

These help us be the best and provide the best

Art can be for everyone

We aim to show that can can be for everyone and made by anyone. We aim to show that you don’t need to know much or anything about art to enjoy our events, and to show a variety of artwork from a variety of people.

Be Passionate

To show passion and positivity about the work we do, and how we do it.

Best Customer Service

A commitment to being open and welcoming to all, to embrace diversity, offering the best customer service to everyone.

Have Fun

To work hard and play hard. 

Meet the team

Domino | The Owner

Hey! My name is Domino (not Dominique, or Domina or Dominic – like I usual get called haha!). I have always had a passion for art and I studied Fine Art at University of Lincoln. I love Manchester and Art and combined the two to create Cotton On MCR. Outside of work I love to travel, and spent 6 months in Asia (with a stop in New Zealand) for a long, extended honeymoon. I had my first little girl in December 2020, named Luna, and she is literally the most amazing thing ever! If I ever get free time, I love to bake and watch Disney films, and I can’t wait for the day that Luna and I create dance routines to Disney songs together!

Emily Seville – Workshop Assistant

Hi I’m Emily, a visual artist and maker based in Manchester. I mostly work in ceramics and painting, through which I explore our relationship and connection to the natural world. I’m really passionate about making the arts more accessible and love to encourage people to be creative.

Hannah Cahill – Social Media Manager

As my job title suggests, I assist Domino in managing the social media accounts for Cotton On Creative. It’s my job to promote the amazing events across Manchester and Leeds. To say I’m excited to be a part of this wonderful team would be an understatement!

I’ve worked in really diverse marketing roles to date, but I’ve recently taken the plunge into the world of freelancing; I’m now the full-time business owner of joy marketing. Outside of marketing, you’ll find me buried in a good book, tending to my ever-growing collection of houseplants or cooking up some tasty vegetarian grub!

Holly – Volunteer Executive Assistant

Hello! My name is Stewart and I’m a local artist from Walkden, Salford. I work across a variety of mediums and love incorporating found objects into my work. I’ll be trying my best to attend as many events as possible across Greater Manchester so, if you see me, please do come over and say hello! Equally, if you know of any events going on, please do send me a message on instagram – my handle is Stewart_knights.

Lousie Garman – Artist

I’m a Chelsea School of Art Fine Art and Sculpture graduate. My work is uncompromising, experimental, multi-media images with the volume tuned up to the unreal. For Cotton On MCR I lead fun, hands-on, expressive art workshops for adults that cater for everyone. I also run workshops in an array of setting from cruise ships to the local community, art gallery and private social gatherings.

Alice Copley – Artist and Workshop Assistant

Hello, my name is Alice and I am a Manchester based artist and community artist. I run lots of different workshops for Cotton On MCR and love to explore different art resources. I studied fine art at BCU and over the past eight years I have been working in art education working with everyone from small children under the age of 1 to people over the age of 80.
Within my current practice I am exploring watercolour, line and surface pattern. I love seeing people learn new creative skills and see how much they benefit from working creatively.