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cotton on. phrasal verb. If you cotton on to something, you understand it or realize it, especially without people telling you about it. [British, informal]’

Well we’re telling you about it! Cotton On MCR will keep you up-to-date with Manchester’s ever-changing art and creative scene.

Our ethos is to promote the visual arts of Manchester, and we aim to show people that art can be for everyone, no matter what background, what your education is etc.

The best bit about Cotton On MCR is that it’s all in one place. You don’t need to go on each galleries website, or to sign up to every mailing list to see what’s on, and then go to a different website to read a review because it’s all here! 

We also run events, including workshops, exhibitions, talks and art fairs. These events feature some of the best artistic talent Manchester has, and is another way of us showing our audience how diverse and incredible Manchester’s art scene is.

We’re passionate about Manchester and its visual culture, and aim to be the one-stop-shop for everything that is art in Manchester!

About Me

Hey. My name is Domino, hello. It’s not Dominic, or Dominique, or even Dominio or Domina. I wasn’t named after the pizza restaurant either. I was actually named after a character in a James Bond film, Thunderball. A film which I still haven’t actually seen.

I have always had a passion for art and I studied Fine Art at University of Lincoln. After Uni, I was eager to get back to this beautiful city that is Manchester. I was sick of going on each gallery’s website to find out what was on and when. There was no base website that was dedicated to Manchester’s art scene. So that’s how Cotton On MCR was created. We launched in November 2017, and are constantly striving to be the best Manchester art based blog.