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  • Exhibition Review: No Gaps in the Line
    Nicola Ellis and Ritherdon & Co Ltd: ‘No Gaps in The Line’ exhibition at Castlefield Gallery. This is Nicola Ellis’ first solo exhibition, and unlike anything I’d seen before – this exhibition shows the wonderful possibilities of when art is introduced to new social contexts and produced outside of the traditional studio – read on to find out more!
  • Artist Interview: Martyn Lucas
    Here we interview the amazing artist and curator, Martyn Lucas. Martyn is based at Cross Street Arts, Wigan, and creates paintings, collages and community projects too!
  • What about the Women in art? Part 2.
    According to Art Net News only 13.7% of living artists represented by galleries in Europe and North America are female. This is unfortunately the sad truth and just one of the many statistics exposing the gap in gender equality within art and society.