What’s On: November

Top Art Exhibitions and Events in Manchester

There’s lots of exciting events throughout November for you to check out in Greater Manchester, both in person and from the comfort of your own home! Read on to find out more.

Negotiations at PAPER Gallery

Image Credit: Paper Gallery

‘Negotiations’ is a collaborative exhibition by artists Greig Burgoyne & Elisabeth Sonneck. As decribed by PAPER: ‘The starting point of the work is the concept of drawings as a substrate; it is neither front, back or inside, but is in fact, all its sides. Through rule based, process led making and thinking, each artist engages with the residual scraps of making, specifically how those rhythms may be located and extended.’ This is an exhibition which is site specific and responsive, and encourages the viewer to get involved and immerse themselves. This is not an exhibition you want to miss, head to the link to read more about the artists!

‘Negotiations’ | PAPER Gallery is on display from 6th November until 17th December 2021

Fully Awake at the Holden Gallery

Image credit: Holden Gallery

Opening in the first week of November is ‘Fully Awake’ at the Holden Gallery, which is an exciting group exhibition of artists, academics and art educators from all over the UK. Curated by Ian Hartshorne and Sean Kaye, the exhibition is the final part of a six-part series of exhibitions in which each artist invites two guests to exhibit work, under conditions that ‘one must be an artist that they have been taught by; and one must be an artist that they have taught’. This unique ‘invitational’ approach results in an intergenerational and collaborative body of work. Head to the link to read all about the featured artists and to plan your visit today.

‘Fully Awake’ | Holden Gallery is on display from 5th November until 17th December 2021

Post-Teen Sleepovers at Cass Art

Image credit: Cass Art

‘Post-Teen Sleepovers’ is a solo exhibition by Anna Davies, curated by Short Supply MCR. Anna’s practice is sculptural, often working with objects which record specific events and subjects that are personal to her experience as a millennial woman. As described by the curators: ‘A strong theme that reoccurs in her practice is sex (specifically casual sex) and the implications of this on women, with the intent to de-stigmatise the subject. Her work materialises the idea that objects have an agency beyond human capacities, and therefore hold the potential for multiple interpretations.’ Opening from 1st November, make sure you head down to Cass Art and give it a visit!

‘Post-Teen Sleepovers’ | Cass Art is on display from 1st November until 12th November 2021

Celebrating the Four Seasons in Art: Autumn 2021 (Online)

Image credit: Art Across

If you’re on the lookout for an event you can partake in from home, this online event by Art Across is the one for you! Led by art historian Sara Riccardi, who has also hosted one of our workshops, this workshop is part of a series of events about the four seasons in art. You’ll learn all about the theme of Autumn within art history, the various traditions and how societies and artists engaged with the season in various ways. This is a great way to brush up on some art theory and to learn something new, from the comfort of your own home! Head to the link to book your place today.

Celebrating the Four Seasons in Art: Autumn 2021 | Online takes place 9th November 2021 at 18:30-19:45pm

Cotton On MCR Art All Dayer: Winter Edition at Hallé St Peters

Image credit: Cotton On MCR / Glen Cutwerk

Last but not least – our very own Art All Dayer: Winter Edition will be taking place on Saturday 20th November at Hallé St Peter’s! We can’t believe how quickly it’s come round – if it’s not already on your calendar, here’s your reminder!

The event will be similar to our previous Art All Dayer – but this time with a Christmassy twist. There’ll be over 60 artists stalls, a variety of Christmas workshops, a solo exhibition by our Manc of the Year winner Rachael Addis, and more! You can check out and book a place at one of the workshops via our website, and you can read all about the event by clicking on the link below. We can’t wait to see you there!

Art All Dayer: Winter Edition | Cotton On MCR will take place on Saturday 20th November at Hallé St Peters, 11am till 6pm

Our guest blogger is Rhianwen Williams: ‘Hi! I’m Rhianwen, I’m from North Wales and I’m in my final year at MMU studying BA Fine Art with Art History. My practice revolves around abstract painting, which I use as a way of exploring topics such as memory and grief. Art is something really cathartic for me, and alongside painting I also love printmaking and zine making! I was really drawn to working with Cotton on MCR for their accessible approach to the arts – this is something I’m super passionate about, and I think is really important in achieving a more diverse and inclusive art world!’ @rhianwenart

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