Meet The Team

It’s about time we share with you the amazing team that has been helping me in these last few months with Cotton On MCR. These girls are an absolute dream, hard-working, creative, upbeat and a proper laugh!

So you all know about me, but here is the time to learn about those that help me weekly, behind the scenes.

Nerissa Ceradelli

Nerissa is one of our Volunteer Executive Assistants.

Currently studying Three Dimensional Design at Manchester School of Art, my work is honest and crafted with respect for the materials with which it is made. I create environmentally conscious products that promote a slower, more mindful way of living and showcase the value in modest resources and waste. I haven’t got a set idea of what I want to be when I grow up; I don’t think I mind what my job title is as long as I’m happy and allowed to get my hands dirty. I got involved with Cotton On MCR as, rather than working for the next big corporate giant, I wanted to be part of something meaningful and significant to Manchester’s art scene. As an avid nature lover, I spend my spare time walking in the countryside and cooking hearty vegan food.

Lara Balcerzak

Lara is our other Volunteer Executive Assistant.

I’m Lara, a recent Graduate from MMU that studied Fine Art and Art History. I produce minimalist (but v fun) abstract drawings, paintings and sculpture. Aside from this I’m a classical literature buff, a dog mum, and a massive clothes hoarder. I wanted to join Cotton On MCR to be apart of an art organisation that I think Manchester would really benefit from.

Lois Robinson

Lois is our Volunteer Social Media and Marketing Coordinator.

Hey there. I’m Lois, a fashion design grad and former Ma fashion art direction student. My recent work explores themes surrounding what it means to be Women, taking references from philosophy, literature and surrealist art. I’m currently working on Body casting and Digital art applications to context the “ideal” female form. I’m hoping to work in creative digital marketing and eventually film (the biggest love of my life). I was drawn to working for Cotton on because of the work they do and the community aspect of the business. Manchester is my second home and I was really enthusiastic to get involved anyway I could to help the local art scene! in a new tab)

So there you have it, the amazing girls that are currently helping me run Cotton On MCR. All the work they do, they do as volunteers, which is massively appreciated! No one, not even me, takes any money from Cotton On MCR as it all goes back into the business to help it grow. I am lucky enough to have these amazing ladies helping as we wouldn’t be able to offer you guys everything we do, without there help!

Thanks ladies, you lot are a dream!

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