Is Graffiti Palace the best gallery in Greater Manchester?

Manchester has some fantastic and well-known galleries, but there is one that gets forgotten – Graffiti Palace. This unofficial open-air gallery is a must for any art fan. Why? I’ll tell you why!


This stretch of graffiti covered walls follows the River Irwell through Ordsall, Salford. The ever-changing artwork decorates what would be a grimy, dull path. The floor is painted, the lampposts are covered, even the bins are sprayed. There are no entry fees, no queues and no set opening hours. If that isn’t enough for you, here are some more reasons why Graffiti Palace is one of Manchester’s greatest art galleries.

  • Vibrant art
  • Detailed paintings
  • Riverside location
  • Beautiful walk
  • Fresh Manchester air
  • Wildlife including dogs, birds and swans
  • Personal messages on the wall
  • See the Waxi (Water taxi) go by
  • Watch the rowers go by

OK, so I stretched the boat out a little on some of those points. And I don’t actually believe that this is Manchester’s greatest gallery. But! It is pretty awesome and definitely worth a visit.


Directions: You can get to Graffiti Palace from Fairbrother Street off Ordsall Lane and walk along the river.


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3 thoughts on “Is Graffiti Palace the best gallery in Greater Manchester?

  1. Johanna Turner says:

    Hiya, just wondering if you know the artists of the current graffiti on the wall which faces the river? Not the commissioned Optimus Prime pictured above but the other pictures, these have since been painted over

    • cottononmcr says:

      Hi Johanna. I’m afraid no, we don’t know who painted these. We can put a shout out on Instagram about this and see if any of the artists get in touch. We’ll keep you posted.

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